12.22 So Not magical TWO.

by limmie

I am too sleepy to fall asleep. I am starting my nonsense again!!
WHY is that when I feel it’s at the most saturated point that everything just have to take a breathers, pause for a moment, and then never appear again?

Just when I thought something was going somewhere, it just has to crash. Crash me like what a fail crush I am becoming.

Today’s funny encounter with DT announcing it is okay for females to start taking initiatives, in front of Ms Foo, (That’s the joke), is haunting me. Girls waiting for guys, the guys are now too waiting for the females.
NOOOOOOOOOO, Why is it so hard to be straight-forward? Another dumb question.

I just have to let my hands roam freely and this is what I get. And then my head starts running. THIS IS A DESPERATE CALL FOR HELP- I NEED OUT. OUT. O-U-T. But, everyone’s mugging or the other group simply rather stay at home.

I had a hard time paying attention in class today. Because of a certain figure yawning in front of me. A few rows away infact, and yet. See this situation? Stuck in a rut. I have no idea who have I been talking to the past nights.

I probably am asking too much but, OIE SUPERMAN, NOW IZ THE RIGHT TIME TO COME HELP ME UP.

Hardly a pessimist, Limmie.