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Trust me when I say I believe strongly in females’ intuition.

Have you ever felt so shitty about your actions and thought you will forever feel indebted to someone with a wrongful act?

So much so that it can become a frequent occurance.

Today, that burden was lifted. 

I may have double-standard-ed myself. But the least I could do was to face up and admit it.
I can’t imagine. Can’t believe. And I truly get it – Love is Blind.

While the good lasted. The bad served as a lesson learnt. And they both are a reminder to myself Everyday, to treasure those that I am lucky to be around.

And through it all. Someone stood by me. In ways I never imagined – that fairytales do exist. 

I am grateful. When I asked to be guided. Instead of being loved well. It is really weird, Everyday to be this thankful. 
I just can’t wait. For a greater beginning :>

It has been a total different definition of love. 


Me RN. Or perhaps actually Every other day.

Mum. Just keeping mum. 

It’s just gonna. Lay stagnant. Untouched. Unspoken.
And slowly killing me inside. 
Somehow. I always seem to have everything against everything. And. Seem to sounds mild. 

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Can I just.

Can I just shut everything down.

It is mentally draining. It is very. Too. 
What button is there left to reboot my system up. 

I do bad. I did badly. It’s all bad.

It feels terrible. On some days. 

I question myself.

Is this right.

I don’t even feel humane at the thought of all the possible routes that I can carve out. None of any path makes sense to me- looks reasonable – appear logical. It’s all wrong.

The entire journey in the UK or perhaps EU. – omg 500th post – how to celebrate? celebrate with longest post ever lor.

So this is the writer in me, having spent every single moment in my bathroom, thinking of finding a moment to spare to pen as much as I can down.
Only that there is absolutely no time to do so.
Don’t ask me why, it doesn’t make sense to me to.

After all the:- let’s start with life in Derby.
It is currently 0849 08/03/2017 – Draft 1.


I am up by 0600.
Preparations for Breakfast & Lunch begins- while skyping either Dad Mum Sis or bb1.
It is super cost savvy- I choose to believe so.

On average, I make a thrice weekly trip to the superkmarkets- Yes I am a sucker lover pro-supermarket person.
I also believe a majority of my money ended up in there, somewhere- ultimately my tummy.

So in Derby Supermarkets, there are:-

1. Tesco (aka Sheng Shiong – it’s comparably cheaper and opens a little more later; till 8pm ish)
2. Saintsbury (aka NTUC Fairprice – pricey-er but still reasonable. They have hypermart types and minimart types. Apply for NECTAR card to collect ‘linkpoints’ that can be used as rebates/vouchers etc. Pick up a free card instore and register online. TADAH – Free money!)
Do you know – even 1 pound can get you a loaf of bread/eggs/snacks – so yes. The card is worth it.
3. Lidl – I haven’t been there yet, but I did hear they have ‘special spices’ that can only be gotten there. Meh, we’ll see.
4. Matalan (aka Giant – Some stuff are cheaper, some are not. They are not so easily found)
5. M&S (M&S is just M&S. A little cheaper compared to SG. But still the pricier of the lot here.)
DO you know – the yogurts are to die for. The 5 for 3 pound types. LEMON LIME- shiok. VANILLA with legit beans – shiok.
6. Eagles Market – they open mon to sat till 5. SO i doubt i will get the chance to see all the seafoods. Sad face 😦

Okay so I am kind of digging this lifestyle:-
Early morning – work – end early – grocery shopping/dinner supper out – home early (since eveyrwhere is walking distances apart) – LEISURE TIME.

So while I do look forward- REALLY forward to leisure time everyday, there is sadly only so-much that I can do. Boohoo.
1. Gym – i realise skipping dinner is more effective. The amount of Exercise cannot eliminate my sweet tooth. So sweet tooth should just be eliminated.
2. DRAMATIME – usually left with an hour or two, weekly, to catch up on RIVERDALE (i dare not watch too late though. why must they keep popping jason’s dead face) or WEIGHTLIFTING KIMBOKJOO (This drama gives real diabetes. Why o Why am i drawn to such shows!) else i’ll just catch up with that time travelling drama while on the threadmill. Somehow that show seems to go on for ages – or so it feels.
3. Boookings bookings and bookings. The thing with EU is that all the transportations are priceyyyyy – which means it is best to book your mode of transport in advance – sadly. Even more so since I am in Derby, 3 hours ride away from London. BUT it is closer to Manchester and Liverpool- so yay.
4.I have yet to pick up my language learning still- it has been one month already. Shat.

Transportation explanation:-
(Pretty interesting though- it is SUPER TIME CONSUMING but it is kinda fun checking up your entire plan smoothly – from where to depart and alight, isit near to the city or hotel, isit accessible on foot.)

1. Derby Riverlights – The bus station where there are busses to almost the entire UK , i believe. Use
SO it is 3 to 7 hour ride to Heathrow (Prices varies from 18 to 30 pounds)
Also about 3 hour ride to London (various bus stations).  Sit till backside pain though. (Prices varies from 5 to 30 pounds)
If you’re heading on a night bus to london, I recommend this.

2. East midlands train – The train station is walking distance from the mall (intu Derby)
Seemingly, the timings are better to Heathrow and cheaper. Plus it takes less than 3 hours.
If you’re travelling as a couple, get the TWO TOGETHER RAIL CARD. It is 30 pounds for this discount card where you can use when you buy tickets online.
If you’re 16-25, get the 16-25 RAIL CARD.
There’s much more card avail, go google check it out.
So how it works:- When purchasing train tickets, there are options to add a railcard aka apply promo. You can use it before you receive the card, just need to show it when you are on the train.
It take bout 3 days to receive – in your UK address. Not sure about worldwide shipping.

SO if youre heading to london – I reco the Bus (cheaper, but longer).
If you’re heading to the airport – I reco the Train (cheaper usually, shorter, nice departure timings)

I think that’s about the life in Derby!

How can anyone miss out Heavenly Delights?!
It’s a dessert place in intu Derby.
The highlight was having cookie dough – for the first time. I NEED TO SELL THIS IN SG MANNNNNN. (So we did potluck eveyr Friday, and tried to imitate making it. Not too bad I dare say!)

1. Heavenly Dessert
*Insert Pictures of the dessert*
A. Cookie dough – raspberry
B. Brownie are really filling and the bombz.
C. Their Gelato is flavourfully good.

2. Diletto
Decided to ‘try something new’ – which was pretty disappointing. HD any other day mannn.

Cookie dough that Jon went to shit out mid-food.
Gabby wasn’t impressed too.
Waffles was alright, soft enough.. – Gelare def smells better.
Gelato not so rich – cannot fight my Daily Scoop (Refer to me other posts pls. Best Ice cream place in SG. I need to re-emphasise.)

*insert some pictures*

3. cinema de lux
Movies here are much pricier – even student tix 7+pounds (aka SGD13). Adult tix are about 7+ to 9+ pounds. Weekend rates can go higher.
The seats are COMFY-IER , ROCKABLE, WIDER SPACED both seat wise and leg space wise.
So yup, go before 5pm, get the 7+ pound tickets and enjoy!

Heard there are discounts coupons/ telecom have 2 for 1 promo. etc.

They have an outlet in Derby, which i have strng plans to bring my parents tomorrow. Watch out this space for picture updates.
YUPPPPPPP Finally papamama arriving tomorrow.
The deal with Byron was they had a HUGE outlet in Liverpool – longly queued, shiokly cooked, serving paired with FREAKSHAKE. The best I have tasted so far- as compared to otherr dining places in UK.

5. Enterprise rent-a-car
Friendly staffs.
They pick you up and drop you off whereever you want.
For a party of 4, the price of 150pounds for 3 days (Fri to Mon) was pretty worth it – Time saving (OTOT game strong) and WEATHER SAVVVY (so cold till i rather much stay in the car most of the time. COLD AND RAINY AND WINDY, oh gawd.)
6. Chip chip POTATO CHIPS
It is crazy chip- cheap. I went crazy for 2 weeks. From 3 packs in a morning to 5 times a week to once a week.
I am glad this is dying off me. Was shiok while it lasted. But I grew pimples- so no go bro.

CHIPCHIP Clothes, starting from 2.5 pounds. They have cute causal clothes CUTE PYJAMAS, household deco nice lights chipchip candles towels ETCETCETC.
While I forgot to claim vat initially, REMEMEBER to tell the cashier you want to the tax refunds. Over the casheir, it is quick. However, if you forget, no problem just head to their customer service witht the receipts!

This is pretty good for sports stuff, cheap jerseys. and so wide range of shoes that I even have dout if their are authentic. SHould be la right.

Weekend 1 :-
1. Birmingham

Cadbury World

Meh. The tour was meh, just that WOW LOTS OF CHOCOLATES TO SEE.
The sample area was a tiny area. One little cup of melted chocolate sample lasted me a week – coming from someone with sweet tooth.
Halal dinner restaurant

2. East Midlands Factory Outlet

It’s a mini version of Chesire Oaks. (Refer to week 3)
You can still go crazy here.
Didn’t know that superdry is their local brand – yup their jackets are SUPER worth it. Price wise- reasonable, material wise – def keeps me properly warm (Coming from someone who is very scared of the cold)
There’s Ben Sherman (chip chip) and Gap and Nike blah, check the website for a full list ….. AND
which i forgot on my first few weeks!! BOOHOO.

Weekend 2 :- Liverpool

Weekend 3 :-
1. Peak District
2. Chesire Oaks Factory outlet (near LVP & Manchester)

Weekend 4:- London

Weekend 5 :- Manchester




Can’t stop grinning.

Idk. Since when have I been feeling so upbeat with nothing to complain.
It’s weird !!!!! So weird !!!! 

Maybe the complains about some Neighbour. But meh. HOW COME ISIT – Rephrase – HOW ISIT POSSIBLE LIFE SEEMS SO UNWORRYING.
2017 Feb.

It’s gonna be payday soon- I mean march.



Haiz. T_T

I wish I can be that bestest person without all carrying all the guilts …