The thoughts in my head.

The thing about life, is being realistic

How lucky am i?

It’s a beautiful picture ain’t it? 

Yups,  this one. 
How is it that I am able to find someone who matches to my life? 

I have been wondering how much more sweet lemon is life throwing at me. It’s like a dream come true – okay too strong a description – Tinker Bell have been planning sth in stores for me all along.
7am is crazy. ❀ we both are. 


Is that what that has been waiting for me omgawdIFSOITISALLTHATIHAVEBEENWAITINGFOR

It’s crazy it’s crazy it’s crazy it’s crazy I can’t sleep it’s midnight I’m so excited for march amxjsarhfbnfncnnaaarrrgghhhhhhhhhh it’s craaaaazeeeeee!!!

And April.

But march comes first.

Watching weightlifting as this happens. It’s so sweet that I can’t imagine life.

Can I be a Kim Bok Joo to my Jung Joon Hyung already?

I should be.

Sleeping. Yup I should be.

So the picture order went the other way round. Please start from the bottom.
I’m serious. This is the end part. Where I sign off. I should do a proper post soon. It’s 0022- IM ADAPTING FINALLY. Prolly gonna be awake at 5 still. I’m enjoying this lifestyle actually. 

Including that somewhat daily session. 😳




Okay I honestly do like kids- playing part – ONLY

Didn’t know why they weren’t excited as I was. Meh

This is when my face started rounding up.

The goal was to earn one bean – achieved. Oh wells. Thanks losh- of course not.

Didn’t realise I was lucky to have the first weekend with blue clouds till the next day. IT IS RAINY WET 😦 

My town can be pretty- ehs.

This is me feeling fit- note- pre trip. (WITH THE PLASTIC BAG OF ITEMS I LOST LEFT IN THE CAR)

I found out that I look good with bed hair. Right?
All my Favourite people in one picture!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentine

It’s 2142.

Technically Vday isn’t over for me yet.

Maybe I was heard. Maybe it’s not a maybe. 

I’ve found the sweetest person that I cannot even be compared to. 😭


From the surprise in the hello panda that I can’t forget- wondering why this person give me an open box of snacks- to finding actual inedible legit gummy bear after stealing mine from my icecream- and finding a Kuromi just days after knowing of one of my Favourite characters. Waking up 5ish frigging am for breakfast with me. All the fake meetups, more like pickups. And keeping to my pace. 


If this is a dream, I don’t wanna wake up. 


If this means growing older, I’m alright with it.


If this is happiness, it’s too much for burden Sherilyn.



Clearance will never happen

Chek is a real word that I can’t spell.

Annoyed is the negative environment that flows Everyday.

I don’t want which is worse. To be facing an empty house or an angry one.

U r g h. All the unnecessaries that no one bothers to clear because we are all so dang tired of it. 

Brick by bit

It’s like piecing everything back together again. 


I am here fcuking ONCE A WEEK

Eden brought me to a good hang place before we started the Dot A.

O KAYA – MY FAV- kaya bits with lightly flavoured coconut base cream

Kookie Monster – this was an unintended choice AND OH BOY NO REGRETS – the biscuit chicks taste damn crispy fresh. Weird to say fresh biscuits but the whole deal was fresh

Salted Mister Caramel – I think. I wasn’t all for this probably I’m not for coffe that day. But hell yes, it is good food. The coffee base cream and chunks were stronger than the salted part which I was after though.

I aim to try all the Flavours – OTHER THAN THE KING OF FRUITS.

Daily scoop, hire me as your spokesperson please :

This is the BEST ice cream place I have frequented : best in the sense it is so damn fresh. Compared to cold store B&J and HD or even marble slab and gelare (okay except this.  I do like cold stone creamery) DAILY SCOOP is so refreshing. The flavouring feels naturally strong , the freshness, I can’t describe, I can’t understand how ice cream can taste so fresh.

Saranghaeyo guys. I love how much they bring out the bit*h in me. 

You know how there are times in life when you can say any shit you want to without being judge? (Beside the hair beneath Joel’s cap) HAHAHA!


It is so damn good. 

The waffles were soaked SWEET SALTY SOUR .

It’s the Christmas Gingerbread Waffles (I think) with cinnamon syrup, salted caramel on vanilla ice cream – THE WAFFLES ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER EATEN. So gawddamn soft – maybe it’s the syrup but IT’S REALLY SOFT AND NICE SMELLING. I will definitely go back for more.

Truffle fries – nothing too fancy- the cheese sticks to the fries though, so it’s a nice salty taste to it. Jean twinzies was giving me cooking tips on making truffle stuff- it’s expensively cool. Perhaps I will try in my next three months.

CHILI CRAB PASTA- HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SUCH GENEROUS SERVING OF CRAB. I was in awe and doubting- Isit really crab. Jean twinzies roll eyes with DUH. Okay it’s also good- the crab part, the pasta was nothing spectacular again. But yum at the spicy level. 

It’s been too long an era since we met up. All the peeps around us getting married, around us means except us, it’s exciting. Perhaps for us, life just started. There’s so much in the world that I would still like to see and do! 

❀ this babe, I know, gonna be stuck in my life no matter how far apart we are. She’s crazy. Like real real crazy positive. 

AD: for swift photo-editing, please feel free to contact me – I do them in minutes – I stick them pics well. HAHAHA (Yup that’s my tag line)  

This is outside of Symmetry btw, that was the FIRST cafe I went to in my life- And how expensive I found out the world to be.

Moses – LOL he will kill me- have been researching on Skiing. I CANNOT. FEELS LIKE HEAVEN IS NEAR. I’m stocked even though I have not started preparing. 

DREAM IS HAPPENING. Life is beginning. Amidst the shit feels happening. I truly love these people holding on around me.

Showed me how love actually really do make people blind- blinded to life. 

Boufe trip – one Januarary Friday


So the nearest MRT station is REDHILL – bus 132 from opposite Redhill , 2 stops down you’ll see Phoenix Park on the left.

And Boufe is right inside @ 308.


So that’s my cute footsteps. The first thing that I saw, other than my food- I mean friends- was pxdkitty and peishi. 

YUP. They are pretty in person. But having read thousands of articles of how people likes their personal life to be lived like normal people – thou did not go up for a picture 😦 They seemed busy w work too. 

And then came in that ABTM ah long guy who sat next to our table. Marilyn mouth dropped while talking halfway. HAHAHA.

Guess they had some MV seeming filming done.
OKAY CHOP CHOP- key points on the food:

We had their beef steak – it was nice ;

Maybe cause we ordered Medium so the girls weren’t really favouring the meaty smell, the onion ring was SHIOK but real oily, and the hash brown was a surprise. Rocket salad – oooooo my fave! 

Truffle fries – nothing really spectacular, truffle just right. (Still love Kith’s and Hatched -I think- the most)

Salted egg crawfish pasta – we weren’t sure if Boufe was going for a plainer taste- cause the pasta was a wee bit bland. 

Honey wings – the sweetness was there , so was the crisp, but nothing spectacular again 

The cakes were however, PRETTTTTTY.

We tried the Boufe cake (I think). Inside was a surprise – the Choco late layering to the passionfruit portion and right down to the crunch. Guess it’s actually an Opera cake- ooooooo it’s good !

The sweet girls that have my back. It’s amazing how we manage to stick together amidst the years. The thing I miss from school would be the Long days of studying / camping / hogging the library seats in between classes with them. ❀ 

In rearrangement news:Β 

How things are turning out scares me. 

Waiting by the pool for Joel and S highlighted the grey areas. 

I know I’m walking on dangerous grounds.
In other news. I am truly kick-cited for the next 6 months! The trip, the trip, coming home and the other trip! I guess money really do grow on trees or fall from the sky πŸ˜›

I need a long quiet peace of mind.

I need a day to clean my room. But I can’t sit still. It doesn’t happen. Cause I don’t know how to make that happen. Maybe I just don’t want to!

Can I just spell s-t-a-b-m-e

εΎˆη—›γ€‚I thought I’ve been able to parked it aside well. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

It really hurts.
I don’t know if it’s the person or the memories. I really wish this part of me never existed.


It’s not a lesson learnt. It’s a scar imprinted. It’s an experience lived. 
I am really sorry. 

The next Ed SHERanΒ 

Ed sheeran did it, 2016 flew by.

2016 was memorable:

A part of me still burns from the hurt. Who would have thought ..

That it would end so suddenly. Perhaps there were signs along the way that I never picked up.

On the other hand, it brought be closer to knowing my teenage years never ended.

2017 started w a bang. Like a huge one to my head and that bowl of-I-cannot-eat-Mary brown-ever-again.

😭😭😭 it hurts.

😭😭😭 yet again I am thankful. 

😭😭😭 I don’t know what kind of predicament am I going to be caught up next. 

😭😭😭 can I get better faster pls 

😭😭😭 can I just go Korea and live half the year already.