Trust me when I say I believe strongly in females’ intuition.

by limmie

Have you ever felt so shitty about your actions and thought you will forever feel indebted to someone with a wrongful act?

So much so that it can become a frequent occurance.

Today, that burden was lifted. 

I may have double-standard-ed myself. But the least I could do was to face up and admit it.
I can’t imagine. Can’t believe. And I truly get it – Love is Blind.

While the good lasted. The bad served as a lesson learnt. And they both are a reminder to myself Everyday, to treasure those that I am lucky to be around.

And through it all. Someone stood by me. In ways I never imagined – that fairytales do exist. 

I am grateful. When I asked to be guided. Instead of being loved well. It is really weird, Everyday to be this thankful. 
I just can’t wait. For a greater beginning :>

It has been a total different definition of love.