Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentine

by limmie

It’s 2142.

Technically Vday isn’t over for me yet.

Maybe I was heard. Maybe it’s not a maybe. 

I’ve found the sweetest person that I cannot even be compared to. 😭


From the surprise in the hello panda that I can’t forget- wondering why this person give me an open box of snacks- to finding actual inedible legit gummy bear after stealing mine from my icecream- and finding a Kuromi just days after knowing of one of my Favourite characters. Waking up 5ish frigging am for breakfast with me. All the fake meetups, more like pickups. And keeping to my pace. 


If this is a dream, I don’t wanna wake up. 


If this means growing older, I’m alright with it.


If this is happiness, it’s too much for burden Sherilyn.