by limmie

I am here fcuking ONCE A WEEK

Eden brought me to a good hang place before we started the Dot A.

O KAYA – MY FAV- kaya bits with lightly flavoured coconut base cream

Kookie Monster – this was an unintended choice AND OH BOY NO REGRETS – the biscuit chicks taste damn crispy fresh. Weird to say fresh biscuits but the whole deal was fresh

Salted Mister Caramel – I think. I wasn’t all for this probably I’m not for coffe that day. But hell yes, it is good food. The coffee base cream and chunks were stronger than the salted part which I was after though.

I aim to try all the Flavours – OTHER THAN THE KING OF FRUITS.

Daily scoop, hire me as your spokesperson please :

This is the BEST ice cream place I have frequented : best in the sense it is so damn fresh. Compared to cold store B&J and HD or even marble slab and gelare (okay except this.  I do like cold stone creamery) DAILY SCOOP is so refreshing. The flavouring feels naturally strong , the freshness, I can’t describe, I can’t understand how ice cream can taste so fresh.

Saranghaeyo guys. I love how much they bring out the bit*h in me. 

You know how there are times in life when you can say any shit you want to without being judge? (Beside the hair beneath Joel’s cap) HAHAHA!