by limmie

It is so damn good. 

The waffles were soaked SWEET SALTY SOUR .

It’s the Christmas Gingerbread Waffles (I think) with cinnamon syrup, salted caramel on vanilla ice cream – THE WAFFLES ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER EATEN. So gawddamn soft – maybe it’s the syrup but IT’S REALLY SOFT AND NICE SMELLING. I will definitely go back for more.

Truffle fries – nothing too fancy- the cheese sticks to the fries though, so it’s a nice salty taste to it. Jean twinzies was giving me cooking tips on making truffle stuff- it’s expensively cool. Perhaps I will try in my next three months.

CHILI CRAB PASTA- HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SUCH GENEROUS SERVING OF CRAB. I was in awe and doubting- Isit really crab. Jean twinzies roll eyes with DUH. Okay it’s also good- the crab part, the pasta was nothing spectacular again. But yum at the spicy level. 

It’s been too long an era since we met up. All the peeps around us getting married, around us means except us, it’s exciting. Perhaps for us, life just started. There’s so much in the world that I would still like to see and do! 

❤ this babe, I know, gonna be stuck in my life no matter how far apart we are. She’s crazy. Like real real crazy positive. 

AD: for swift photo-editing, please feel free to contact me – I do them in minutes – I stick them pics well. HAHAHA (Yup that’s my tag line)  

This is outside of Symmetry btw, that was the FIRST cafe I went to in my life- And how expensive I found out the world to be.

Moses – LOL he will kill me- have been researching on Skiing. I CANNOT. FEELS LIKE HEAVEN IS NEAR. I’m stocked even though I have not started preparing. 

DREAM IS HAPPENING. Life is beginning. Amidst the shit feels happening. I truly love these people holding on around me.

Showed me how love actually really do make people blind- blinded to life.