Boufe trip – one Januarary Friday

by limmie


So the nearest MRT station is REDHILL – bus 132 from opposite Redhill , 2 stops down you’ll see Phoenix Park on the left.

And Boufe is right inside @ 308.

So that’s my cute footsteps. The first thing that I saw, other than my food- I mean friends- was pxdkitty and peishi. 

YUP. They are pretty in person. But having read thousands of articles of how people likes their personal life to be lived like normal people – thou did not go up for a picture 😦 They seemed busy w work too. 

And then came in that ABTM ah long guy who sat next to our table. Marilyn mouth dropped while talking halfway. HAHAHA.

Guess they had some MV seeming filming done.
OKAY CHOP CHOP- key points on the food:

We had their beef steak – it was nice ;

Maybe cause we ordered Medium so the girls weren’t really favouring the meaty smell, the onion ring was SHIOK but real oily, and the hash brown was a surprise. Rocket salad – oooooo my fave! 

Truffle fries – nothing really spectacular, truffle just right. (Still love Kith’s and Hatched -I think- the most)

Salted egg crawfish pasta – we weren’t sure if Boufe was going for a plainer taste- cause the pasta was a wee bit bland. 

Honey wings – the sweetness was there , so was the crisp, but nothing spectacular again 

The cakes were however, PRETTTTTTY.

We tried the Boufe cake (I think). Inside was a surprise – the Choco late layering to the passionfruit portion and right down to the crunch. Guess it’s actually an Opera cake- ooooooo it’s good !

The sweet girls that have my back. It’s amazing how we manage to stick together amidst the years. The thing I miss from school would be the Long days of studying / camping / hogging the library seats in between classes with them. ❤