2k16 is ending.

by limmie

My phone cracked.

Well there are a few cracks at least it feels like a portable phone now. I always marvel at my excitement of choosing “unique” patterns and regret quickly later.

😭 this sad face isn’t for the case of T H E incident that happen.

😭 neither is this sad face for mourning.

i AM goawddamn tired. Tiring myself every moment, perhaps it’s a little too excessive. Β  Stopping myself before blurting, yeah we did that, yeah we went there, yeah we ate this. It’s tiring, it hurts, but it’s not the biggest worst problem in the whole wide world.

i haven’t been the best daughter around, real gawd DAMN tired to talk at home when I know damn right clearly how everyone tries to engage me to talk about anything and everything. Yet all I lay is dead on the bed.


the past three months has actually been the best I’ve ever felt in the longest run.

Achievements. Feeling fit without being controlled. Feeling free and happy. I always had known my priority placed were never right, but I just couldn’t tear away.

Gah. Really these are all just mundane shits that are gonna past. I’m gonna look back and hug the ones that stayed with me till my kid drops his first tooth. They who gave me strength. <I’m not preaching>