The chillest sem ever. Stress but still chilled. 

by limmie

Celebrating Papa’s birthday today felt even more fulfilling. Although we were all very tired. I guess the mid-week syndrome will go away.

Didn’t start the day well. Couldn’t focus as well as the past weeks. The tiredness is kicking in. But sleep grows the guilt. 

first paper up tomorrow. Can’t wait for this to be over and then it’s time to go all out for the core mods.

When you’ve had 6 decades of birthday, what would you be wishing for?

It has been months of living a satisfactory life. The growing stress brought me back here. In two weeks, another chapter begins. So so fast!

Thanks doggy. For being here and there. This sulky-stress thing can go away all because.. You have no idea how much your tolerance has grown.

I do well at my happiest.