Forcing to be normal. When we’re special.

by limmie

I’ve been instilled w a typical thinking all around me. How relationship should be like this and like that or else it means something good or some other bad thing.

If you get what I mean.
(See! I’m even talking like him!)

It was a start I didn’t know how to call a start. He calls it unique. Mutually. We both knew, somehow, felt.

The days spent w games. Vs. My excitement of going out and about. Thinking of the usual, Dates should be here or tried there.

Why try to change things that you actually enjoy to want to fit in?
Of course there was the curiosity.




My camera shy-for now- guy made me a better person. He too is growing up into a better man. (minus the games)

Why fear being different?
I’ve had been an internal mess. But there’s us taking turn tolerating, listening, trying. There won’t be any end to this. Heh. We ain’t quitters right?

Gotta see through the campaign. 😉