I have yet to finish my thanks. (P/s Keep the soldier safe please)

by limmie

Can’t sleep need sleep how to sleep?

Had a pretty good cuppa mocha (Thanks RX for Starbucks prezzie)
And packed my pretty new Chels bag
(Thanks WW for the solo present)
And brought Kate spade out today. Super careful using it.
(Thanks mummy friends for being so generous)
And dad tried to fix his present onto the bag.
(Thanks daddy for the key but I’m a careless person)
And then tried to pack mini stuffs into the Ella Bunny pouch but no-can-do
(Thanks fashionista jeremy for keeping me in trend)
Painted my nails carefully this time
(Thanks Crystal and the Uni group of peeps)
And finally used the Walkman yesterday. I couldn’t figure how to turn it on and which side to which ear initially.
(Thanks WC for remembering. Thanks Guys for chipping in. I love the colour.)
Stared at the photo printer and waiting for the weekends to explore it
(Thanks Jiahui for the idea)
Guess my specs suits me better now
(Thanks mummy for getting it for me plus alllllll the party goods and angpow even.)
Carried the hand drawn bag comfortably because it felt to reliably strong.
(Thanks engineer couple sandy)
And my laptop fits into CATH KIDSTON! Exchanged one for another design today, then gave it to meimei YAY twinsie bags or TWO BAGS TO CARRY
(Thanks ken for remembering, and the Pri school guys for getting me that. And then brother and the Didis, touched.)

No I am not a spoilt kid. Just a very very very happy one.

I have many many untouched presents still waiting to be used. Sad face. I’ve a pile of work still uncleared despite recess week. May the week continue to be productive. I have three weeks to CHIONG.

And two weeks to helping meimei. But her temper plus my temper. Bigger sad face. I don’t know how else to try. We both just wait…

Wednesday down. 3am. I really can’t sleep.
Why Brunei, why steal my soldier from me?