Thank You for all your different ways of showing love.

by limmie

( sad face. Typed a worthy post. Then my new mouse made me press some side buttons. And all is lost. 😦 )

I’ve had this sudden EUREKA moment when I was faced w two seemingly similar situations just now.

1. Mama woke up from her bedtime to start some ramblings. Dad doesn’t seem too happy about it.
2. BENBEN texted me mid game to ask about my tutorial (yeahhh trying my best right now!) I am not not happy about it.

While different people have different ways to show their care/concern, different people have different wants or ways of accepting this ‘giving’.

Loving someone too much is a problem.
Not showing love is also another problem.

Human beings are the funny creature who want things to be ‘just right’. (Which fairy tale does this sound like hmm?)

There are certain things that I wish I wouldn’t repeat as mistakes when I grow older.
There are other things that I would like to do and continue in my future family.

First week of year three down. I definitely did my best this week. And the growing fear of finding a job I have passion for, and how I will continue to move forward.

JIAYOU everyone. (I need to find and English word to replace this. Other that AddOil.)