Another August. Another new beginning.

by limmie

Females are the most thoughtful creatures. Thoughtful in the sense that they like to think.

Deep breath.
I need to constantly remind myself of what surroundings i can soak into. Instead of the constant thoughts.

And then realise that things has always been, there.

I guess this weekend marks the end of my longest-non working (sushi stall doesn’t count)- holiday. I’ve had the much-est free time since. Since never actually.

Recall: one month break for transition between Primary to Secondary school. Then the excited teen me worked a few jobs between the Poly transition. And carried on during term time and short term breaks. And the love of work with the love of my life between Poly to Uni. And TADAH THIS THREE MONTHS ACTUALLY IS MY FIRST OFFICIAL HOLIDAY IN TWENTY YEARS.

It’s weird to have so much time on hand. Sometimes you can get bored. But other times you just can’t get enough of it.

Like how bored I felt when work ended early today. But how I’m gonna dread working for 12 hours tomorrow. Get the feeling?

I should mentally prepare myself for the new semester.
Thinking of how much LESS free time I’ll have. As much as I want to be FREE LIKE THIS, especially the weekends. I’m also interested in getting a cca that I’ll enjoy.

We’ll see.