Another wave of darkness. Before I get my dawn

by limmie

Congestion in my head last night brought nothing but harm.
It was difficult to sleep.
Even before the medication kicked in; I can’t be deemed a depressed kid.

The fatigue and the sun.
I can’t stop here. It’s been a slow two months of bubbling changes.

I’m turning into a bigger socially awkward person. There I was sitting one day, thinking how much easier to talk had it been out of text.

I’m not liking this.

The other day having a hearty talk begun w me in tears. A few days later, again.

How am I suppose to control my emotions and speak likea normal person? The tears are putting me and everyone off.

// I wonder where were you when I was on my knees. Should I be following the maps that lead to you//

Or I’m trying too hard, again.