There’s time to think. It takes a longer time to act.

by limmie

it’s not easy.
not just for me, definitely for everyone/anyone on the other side.

there are things that I do, my choices, do seem logical to me. but it doesn’t to the grown ups, and I end up in trouble with them. Trouble that never seemed resolved. They just grow.

these choices however, makes me question myself. Firstly, question myself over the grown-ups logic. Secondly, it’s not always I end up happy with my choices.

If I ain’t happy, why do I still do them?

I dug my own hole. By watching MF.
Happy families, no matter how much they argue, they know the way to each other’s heart.
The teen kid argues and listens to her mum’s logic. When she knows she’s in the wrong, there’s no further blaming going around. But forgiveness, and of course punishments. The mum argues and reflects on her logic. The grandpa realise it’s not the same way to bring the teen the same way he brought up his daughter.

Traditions that goes on. But with compromises due to the growing family. Acceptance.

And most admirable, the simple act of love. In every episode, you can feel it.
The gay couple loves each other as much as they love their daughter. They speak their mind, truthfully. They avoid misunderstandings, and tries their best to suit to each other’s hobbies, likes and dislikes.

The elder and young couple. Age gap is only shown physically, look-wise. Their tolerance and acceptance, thinking-wise and culture-wise. They make decisions by considering what each other would think and feel. They want the best for each other. And their son.

The couple with three kids. Their love just seems to grow with the passing day. They know how to give in and listen or insist on their way lovingly, rightly. Their trust for each other and going all out to make any amends with their silliest mistakes. At the end of the day, they still cannot get enough of each other.

I question my logic. Question my life, my choices.
And as much as I may feel I’m wasting time clearing dramas by the season, there are life lessons picked up (HIMYM is another good one šŸ˜¦ ).

I can’t let it go, as long as I have no figured my life out.
And find someone who actually shares my beliefs and ideas, for real.

Realistic or not, money is important, so is the annual travelling of vacation.
I’m ready for my year-end solo trip. Mentally!