My best, so what’s more?

by limmie

Everyday, there’s a certain part of the day that you’d wish you had spent it / done something differently. That somehow translate to living in ‘regret’ when you later think and rethink about it.

I wish I had done a whole lot of things differently.

Family wise.
Love wise.

Anyway, here’s our happy faces for today. It was definitely one of our ‘longest’ day out.


I need to find a ‘free’ past time. I can’t seem to sit still for a long period of time. That irks me, unknowingly, my irked side will be revealed too.

As much as I’m starting to learn more about my own likes and dislikes, I’m not sure if it’s pessimism or being realistic that’s kicking in.

Papa told me to be a stronger person; and then I broke down. It’s been three days, and I definitely need a lot more Sherilyn Strength.

And thought of the day, I thought I was a good listener around. I guess not everything will be shared still. I tried.