It s a No-money-no-talk world.

by limmie

“Swing and never never give up” I THINK that’s the lyrics currently playing right now. 

Last night 3 things happened.

1. The great evening I’ve missed out on with the guys that felt like ages. (It’s been a while since I’ve spoken in pictures-terms.) 

ICE ART Museum

F I N A L L Y I get to visit this attraction! It’s closing in two weeks, the ice sculptures seemed ready to be gone too, HA. Doubtful about spending the extra money renting coat and buying gloves; the woman at the ticketing counter was giving a solemn I-dont-care-I-tell-you-it’s-negative15degree-so-you-decide-if-you-need-them face. But yes, one will need both. I think we spent just close to an hour before we had to go out for warm air, my toes and cheeks were frozen. CAN’T let it go, that the although-small-area, we couldn’t smile and take picture with all the sculptures.

Yeah, our iPhones died halfway.
Yeah yeah, the slides were fun, and wet.





Ramen Champion

AHHHHH The Bario stall that is closing at the end of the month! Super garlic-y, which I really liked. Though the thicker noodles were not to my liking.

Yeah, we watched WC cry.




Ji De Chi

GOOD choice despite being the spoilt for selection along the rows of dessert shops behind Bugis Junction. I like how the service crew gets seats for you, and the menu of I-Dont-Know-What-To-Choose. THE BELOW was the best for the night. Aside our puddings and beancurds, THIS was the sawdusttttt. No idea WHAT it is made up of. Just eat o n l y.



2.  Money realisation.

Being on a holiday, and having a job that’s going through the holiday season too, means I am living on my savings and whatever money my parents feel generous enough to give. 

The thought of rewarding myself for two months, having gone through two semesters of hard-brain-work, and probably no more long holidays like this anymore. I feel like a sloth, but I feel that it is right for me to sloth-on. 

There are a number of items for me to settle too. I need this time, but I have to stop the I-am-not-earning-money-therefore-I-am-useless feeling that keeps occurring. Image

How to not feel like a burden when the mummy likes to bring us out for food?

The previous post is killing me. Our war, it never ends. There are good times, and there are the horrible.

3. It is not right that I have upsetting-agony-unhappy moments at least once everyday.ImageImage

Something along my way of growing up just thought me of shattered dream, misunderstandings and conflicts, and overthinking things.