when love takes over, woo-ohh-ohhh-ohhhh. You know you can’t deny!

by limmie

So. After coming across a number of “Life of an NS GF” posts, there are MANY of us out there to share these feelings.

Of course there are some points where I don’t really agree to. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to, we really really love our men and want to be there for them, to support them through the end. The ‘end’ doesnt’t just mean after ORD, but all the way in life.

And this man of mine is one tough babe.
I REALLY have my reasons for calling him a ‘babe’.
Out there on the battle field, he’s tough and commanding. 
(This ‘babe’ calling will definitely jab at his BIG BIG BIGGGG ego.) But it’s true. By weekends, they’re a different person.

For my case at least.

If by anyway I had to learn about relationships, it was

firstly Google.
And then observations.

Google gave some theory help, where useful at times, but not all the time.
Then came observing how friends goes through their phase. And to a point where I realise, hey, my parents are still learning about their relationship too every single day.

And of course they probably have been through all those lies that I am about to tell or those hidden secrets or why I can’t spill everything. But they probably understand too, thus they stop probing after a while. Which can be a good thing because we might eventually open up when we finally feel ready to.

Maleficent screamed at me that true love exists in the family.
Everyone’s everyday-all-so-busy life, as much as we remind ourselves to spend quality time with our family, it doesn’t always work. Because of the never ending assignments, or episodes.

I shall. Make some small talks with the papa right now.

And a self-reminder that guys have the simplest mentality actually. They’re happy when you’re happy.
And I’m happy when I get my photos. 

Getting too sentimental and emotional these days. What is wrong with me am i growing too old.

In less than 140 words,

I had a real great day shopping with Ben Toh -whom I will stop calling a faggot-which is usually done so out of love- and I AM SO EXICTED ABOUT MY NEW BUYS. But definitely his excitement wins mine. TIME TO SAVE UP PEOPLE. WE NEED TO BUILD OUR 22,000 SGD HDB FLATS. damn.