10 Stages Of Falling In Love With A Guy

by limmie

And all these made me troubled over, What was going on with me. Ah..<3

Thought Catalog


1. You are sitting in class, at work, at home, etc. and you catch yourself thinking of him for the first time. Before this moment, you were an independent woman who had nothing on her mind but success. There was no time for childish games with unfaithful boys. There was only time for you. This thought of him was new and you knew it could only go uphill from there.

2. You find, after some time, that he’s all you’re thinking about anymore, but not in a harmful way. You’re still that independent chick who “don’t need no man,” but for some reason you don’t mind having this one around.

3. Your friends start to wonder what you’ve been up to because of your recent absence. Every time you go out with the girls, assuming you still do, you’re drinking and dancing less and the girl who used to…

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