When the days grow old and the nights grow-something-I am bad with lyrics. I just had a HAPPY day.

by limmie

I have been typing all night. So, why not type here too.

That deadline to meet on Wednesday. That joy of having a shot of winning something this Saturday. While not many are being enthusastic of being selected, I sure am. This group may not be the most bonded, but everyone in my group has been responsible enough to play a role. The initial start was not all that smooth, but the progress mattered.

There will be N O way that we will get to work all together again as one group, but this module will be made memorable thanks to you guys. Other than the occasional sexism, no complaints. 

Back tracking a little.

Saturday night was c o o l. So missed. Felt like the lepak sixteen year olds we had been. With (maybe a hint of) better aim in mind, the night had to end due to our fatigue. SEE! Prove of us growing older (and wiser). All those catch ups, it means that we have to not meet for a long time, isit?

Sunday was a good start, waking up to knowing what was planned for the day. I got to see that sad sunflower boy’s face. He did sound slightly cheery today, (Damn you NS. Stealing a boy’s happiness) (And mine too) and then there was happy mama. Three days in the row of full family attendance for meals, I guess it was more of a Happy Mother’s Week for her!

Monday will be starting pretty soon. It is 0157 and I am now three-quartz done with my part of report-and-i-think-i-will-need-to-polishtheentirereportlateron-boohoo. At least there’s a plan for monday. and tuesday. and wendesday. And my sunflower’s gonna be flying and I will be starting my three weeks of freedom. Of partying and shopping and movie marathons and food hunts and HEEHEE. You soooooo will not be forgotten. Neither will I be forgetting our deal.

Six times the love today. I am pretty sure Wednesday will be a dread. AND I will remember typing this particular sentence down. Booya!