I found love. It makes me so happy.

by limmie

The thing about love is.
You just don’t know.
Everything seems new to me. Even doing a routine together unknowingly.

The initial start, you can’t say it sucks, it was more of painful. You start to know each other. You start to like each other, with feelings growing with eac passing day. Then the initiation and hesitation and everyone fears rejection.

Something magical happened for me. It was my first, but it wasn’t the direct approach I had in mind. My fairy tale wasn’t as dreamy as I expected. Patience was what led us till here.

From friends to a couple. It wasn’t an easy path with respect to the matters of heart. You grow more comfortable w each other. You start seeing each other more. There’s bound to be some dislike. And tough points to voice out. All these takes time. What’s a few month as compared to the many years you can have with each other?

It’s an investment that shouldn’t involve regret. And more of how much you are willing to make each other happy. There are parts of you that you realise should be altered. But there still the part of you who should remain who you are.

Up till now. There may be fears that I hold, but aplenty has been eliminated. We will figure a life out.

Time spent together isn’t enough. There’re even more precious these days. This random realization of being so thankful.

I rather much have my heart broken than to break someone else’s.

The transition from a couple to lovers. That’s when you can comfortably fart in their faces. Listen to each other’s unhappiness and make an effort to change. Be able to admit the faults. Pick each other up before a fall. And at the end of the day grow even fonder for each other.

Love can make one happy, so happy. It can also spoil the mood very very quickly. It depends on how much and how tight you want to hold on to.

I believe in patience, communication and trust. That hasn’t failed me.

I don’t want to see your sad pained face. This too, takes time, we will figure it out.

You’re there all the time, whenever ever ever possible. I have no idea how much love I’m habouring at all.

I found love in a guy called Benjamin.