The thoughts that recurs.

by limmie

The other day, when the two girls excitedly went about their tarot card reading and how accurate the reading was, they ended up thinking even more if the prediction will turn out true too.

I refused to take my reading.
I ain’t sure it’s because I’m refusing to face up to any reality that I’ve successfully been deluding myself, or that I really believe in creating my own destiny that I refuse to hear anything that can affect or change my actions.
So here I am, sitting curious. It’s gonna stay this way. And then I turn sad.

And wonder if this is the right choice.

While others go about how tough NS is for the guys and how we should be their pillar and understand, I tried, and am still trying.

Pictures from every weekends always interferes w my thoughts.

The hard training and the lack of time.
Yet. The thanks received.
The presents showered.

I can’t help but feel, what am I really?
Yeap! Back to preparing the meal I no longer feel excited about. It’s just any other weekend.