Trying so hard and getting disgusted. #lolwhatisthis

by limmie

I rot. Or maybe this isn’t called rotting.
But I’m bored. Happily(kind of) bored.

The entire week has flown by. I had my fun. But I didn’t get to do all that I wanted. Then this is little saddening.

Didn’t catch up all that I wanted on my work. But my dramas did moved.
Didn’t buy what I needed to and really wanted to. Lack of time? It’s my choice of how I spent time.

Everyday I question myself WHAT AM I DOING. I try to stop thinking. I end up sleeping. I make an effort to do something and then things don’t go my way and then I feel helpless when I can’t help my meimei and neither am I studying hard enough to help myself this week and booooooo.

As much as I feel I’m wasting my time, I still choose. How can someone be sadly happy.

Watching Youwhocamefromthestars taught me how precious every single moment of time is.

It’s pointless if I’m the only one who wants to make every moment really meaningful.