I know I’m tired. But what does this mean?

by limmie

The thing about love, I’m new to it.

Girls do grow up dreaming of their perfect first dates, having special moments together, and dates of hugs and kisses. Simple sounding very happy times.

I don’t know about guys.

Girls anticipate for the flowers and bears. Even random gifts that they will cherish so much, some even after their break-ups.

But they will end up w words of, it’s okay you don’t have to waste your money on these.

These are secretly happiness that can build over time.

Girls can’t be straightforward because they care too much. But the downside of them throwing a fit due to their unhappiness after.

I truly believe that one doesn’t need to be told on what to do. Because if they have the heart and thought for it, no matter ANY reason. They still will go all out for it.

I hate last minutes. They don’t feel sincere. I do them when I don’t have the time. There’s no contradiction here now. I don’t have the time because I unknowingly choose not to have the time. And then rush at the very last minute. So at the end of the day, what’s this person’s importance to me?

Really crude of me. But I need to start getting honest with myself.

The past semester has made me reflect a lot on my future. This semester the school has been promoting and pushing it out too.

I may not have a clear path that I can see for now. But there’s a plan that I hold.

It gets difficult by day. Doing this on my own. Or partially knowing the someone you include in your road has an off-course plan.

Everyday just feels like a time bomb. I hate getting so prone to erupting. And the next second I’m going to be a working adult.

Females intuition, how should I be trusting mine? Are they feeling too much? I really hope I am wrong.

It’s not like there hasn’t been any trying.