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by limmie


Hello. This was me two days back. Unproductively went home, did some cut and weird dye to my hair, before returning to hall the next day, slightly regretful of my actions.


Not bad la ah. Smelt quite nice after the job. BUT, oh well, damage has been done, to the hair and the pocket. I WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, considering. I LOOK QUITE HAPPY W IT TODAY. A little more.picture013

No, the above is my smiling face that mum describes as crying face. Mad two weeks zoomed by pretty fast. Tried my best not to get distracted by the faggot. (Apparently he is too ‘shagged and packed’ to be worrying about me. HEHE.) Wait, clarify the distraction. DESPITE his lack of rpesence, I still can get distracted. WHAT IS THIS? Some say it is L O V.. Okay.
ANYWAY! Meimei went home, Shimin came over. WOOHOO. And Zhijun found a new camping ground on Macs, OH WELL. (Ya, the Oh Well, picture in her tone.)

SOSOSO. My main point is. I had a good evening w my classmates. Funny thing is we only end up meeting and hanging out after graduation. Why do my friendship circle turn out likea this? Amusing but, YAY NEVER TOO LATE.

I had a good mugging session w SM too btw.

NONONONO! My main point. After 14 days. The faggot was finally able to contact me.
There I was, sitting w my friends. Not even tempted to use my phone. Then, NOT that I felt the vibration. I just decided to OH WELL, CHECK IT.

Pardon myexcitement. It has lasted until NOW.

Ya, I couldn’t concentrate as well this whole night. I had a few tens of precious minutes with him only. But they felt like the longest minutes for that moment.
HOW ON EARTH. I realise,


But. The buts remain. I know I haven’t been able to cope well w my balance of life. Until recently, these 2 weeks showed me I can be a happier person actually when I actually make my own stand.

I miss you faggot, Β I will continue to strive a proper balance.

School work is almost done.
I cannot wait to pack my luggage.
I cannot wait for all the shoppings.
AND I cannot wait to see your face, skinny or not, and give you one properrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hug.

Shy what shy.

(About the skinny part. I strongly believe now that it is an affecting topic. Skinny to him is like Fat to me. So insulting. SO I WILL REFRAIN FROM DOING SO TO PREVENT HIM FROM DOING SO TOO.)
(I have two weeks to strive to be lighter than him-who-I-believe-is-lighter-than-me-now judging from his tale of ‘near death’.)

My classmates, EX classmates, gave me fcuked-up advises for the night. THANKS GUYS, I HAD SO MUCH FUN. Spoil sport much but secretly glad we parted after dinner so that I can be a good student to continue to mug TILL NOW for my papers. It’s 4.4 – I am waiting for it to turn to fiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-okay-5.

Woooop. See everyone soon! This post has been nothing but excitement.
*Paper in three gawdammnit days*


Now I think of catching spiders. FIRE. (Brain fried really) and feel sad. I didn’t get to watch my 3 peas nor my hunger games.
I have a list of new things to do this hols.

Excitement dying down because of the lack of time.
What if I am really bipolar.

OKAY. Too much thoughts. Goodnight world.
P/s The picture below do not compliment my biceps. I believe the baby one are growing out well already. WOOHOO #notthickskinned