Just do. Whatever I want to. It’s not being selfish.

by limmie

It’s 4.38AM and I am scarily clear-headed. Perhaps I might just zonk out any moment.
But today have been better. Mind has been drifting off less.

Let’s give myself a recap of what I have done.
I’ve been in this chair for the longest time, yet work doesn’t seem to be clearing.

Funny story but not-so-much-of-a-good-day-for-Sister.
My early night left us both sleeping till past her reporting time.
(YAY at least I could bring her to New World for Lunch.)
But then (okay the computer just hanged, it has been awake for a long as I have been. More Later.)

But then she had stuffs to deliver and fam wanted her home.
Long story short, I was the one who repacked her bag. Took my keys out. And she had to came back to where I was because no one was home.
Yeap. That kept me occupied for a while!

2pm Lunch
3pm Almost dued Online Physics
5pm Physics Tutorial
1am Materials (Six proper chapters till now)

I have been. studying. for. 12 hours. And here I am. Still awake. And hoping to stay awake till 7 so that we wouldn’t over sleep again.

Two days left to first Paper. Running soooooo out of time.

22- Materials
26 – Thermofluids
27 – Physics
4 – Math
6 – Electrical

Flying off on the 8 and hoping to cram any fun I can inbetween all these dates.
I am starting to see how much I have missed out of life in these recent months, and why.

Day 3 so far. And I can foresee progress in my way.