Plans plans plans!

by limmie

Hibernating mugger is back!

Gem email woke me up first thing this morning!

Checklist for the holidays!
1. Prepare for Gem Application. I need to decide on a suitable school and country
2. Plan my mods for next sem and start collecting notes
3. Watch my Glee
4. Meet the Poly Botaks
5. Shop for Christmas presents woohoo!

My two weeks of trips are gonna make me miss out a couple of outings. mega sad face.

And then rethink my 2013 resolutions.
I’m gonna start making expectations and not be fearful of disappointments.
Starting w finals!

On my way back to school right now.
Still desperately sick and wanting my bed. But I REALISE this pattern has been around since forever. The fever bug comes whenever it nears any finals. Prepping me to practice take Mc, NOOOOOO BUT I WONT!

I try to blog less k.
I need to talk to people more.