How to help others when I too am struggling? Focus my pocus, then I can clear all the other bullshits. THERE IS STILL A LONG WAY AHEAD IN LIFE.

by limmie

I am gonna work hard for myself.

There will always be time in the future for anything.
I have spent half the day in bed sorting out my thoughts.

I cannot make that a waste of time, and start doing what I have sorted out.

In one month, I will be done with my finals.
And him being back from Taiwan, the biggest ever worry will be how much more he will change. Never have I felt so helpless not being about to lift his spirits up.
I cannot let this affect me so much anymore.

There will always be a way in my dictionary.

Thank you for looking out for me. Worrying about me. Caring about my studies. And till the extent of making sure I would leave safely with your friends around.
Little things that you do that pushes me on.

We will figure this out, together. So no more thoughts for me as of now.

On one side note, Happy Twentieth Niang.