by limmie

Hi. It’s been one month.
Hello. Lemme start again.

This month has been easier to live.
Less pressuring.
But the outbreaks are still here. But they are decreasing. I don’t know. I think in this life, I will never be too sure of what I want.

Quizzes after quizzes.
All that’s left are the finals.

And my faggot’s trip.
I can’t wait for that to pass.

The girls getting more involved in my life these days. Or rather, I am letting them in. It’s feels good. At the end of the day, females understand each other best.

I really wanted to watch About Time. And now I do want to watch this local show. But I can’t ‘do the Jiahui’. Too loner for me, she’s brave.

I really hate the time taken away from me.
Even worse when. I still cannot get used to the drastic decline in time spent together.
Every minute spent with each other. Precious. Really sacred. But, am I the only one feeling this way?

I’m too nonsense.
But these gets me high and going.
My classmate thinks I’m an emo random kid. I hope I don’t turn bipolar.

School is tough.
For once, I have trying above my average. But not yet giving my all. Because something is holding me back.

Scared of the weeks to come.