No one said life is easy. So we all gotta work hard on it, ourselves, or better yet, together.

by limmie

Took a step back and breathed.

There’s more to world than that tiny problem of mine.
COmparatively tiny.

I have to keep reminding myself this.
Cannot be selfish.
There’s a lot more out there for me to be pondering about.

Electrical quiz on Tuesday LEGGO.
And Sherilyn’s gonna need be straighforward right now and do the things she wants.
So I don’t wanna be working with YOU and I will tell you so.
Why make myself feel so like KNS and forced.

YA, Sherilyn can do this!
First class dream/wish/hopefully reality has not gone poof yet.

I hope Meimei will be able to cope w her work better and be less stubborn. (I see how I had been in her. HAD)
I hope Brother continues to lead such a carefree happy-just-train-only life.
I hope Mummy continues to expand her business while helping people.
I hope Daddy will stay this satisfied w his work and life.

I hope Ben figures out his choices and will be satisfied working hard on it.
I hope Jiahui stays this happy w her Cheena work and may her right one come at the right time. (Never seen anyone so happy practicing Cheena la.)
I hope Diyana will find things to keep her head occupied and be as cheery as before.
I hope Eden will learn to handle his relationship w a less emo way.
I hope Wencong is having a good time eating Kangaroo meat and living in the “Outbacks”.
I hope James will be more open to us and makes his choices well.
I hope Shimin is having a better time in SMU and won’t get picked on anymore.
I hope Adeline ‘s optimism and understanding never goes away.

I hope Sherilyn gets all her wishes and have the right mind balancing studies and time for her family, friends and she won’t give up on her love. So please don’t give up on her too.