I die a little everyday, then listen to Brave, and get back up slowly but stronger. I just know.

by limmie

The little things that you pick up during your stay alone, away from your family. Little actions that when put together, means something big to you. One by one, walking away from the dinner. It was ouch. I wasn’t the one who prepared dinner, but as I sat to start on my work, I thought about how mum probably spent the say preparing them. But I had no guts to get on my feet and back to the table. 

My hasty departure after everyone left me weeping in my silent toilet. How to face her and get back to the table with my tear stained face? Yet I know if I were to tell her, Thanks for dinner, I really appreciate it, I will break down into a further eurption.

I have and still am doing my best to make time for everyone, but why can’t anyone do the same for me?

Thank you Adeline for always taking any effort. Even 5 minutes was good enough.