Mastering Physics: One week of life of an NTU Student

by limmie

Everyone expects something special to happen on the first week of school. Like lecturers simply doing self-introductions and then ending the lesson in 15 minutes. (DREAM ON. This no longer is Poly.) After all the probable three weeks long never-ending camps, not everyone will be in the mood to start school proper. Perhaps there’s the drive of going to school to meet their OG mates or living the life in their Hall.


After just one week in school, this is my week long summary.

1. Faculty Camp is useful: You will need a steady group of friends to hang with- Going lectures together, Finding Classrooms together, Spending your (long) breaks with

*Unless you have friends who will be in the same course as you. Unless you do not mind being a loner. It can be pressuring facing a lecture theater filled with one thousand students.*

2. Union-kind-of Camps are useful: You might need to have friends from different courses to expand your social circle, friends to have lunch and dinner with (Because your friends might HIGHLY POSSIBLY be holding a non-identical timetable with you) So it is HIGHLY LIKELY to find companionship from a larger pool of friends

Warning however is You should be really involved/social. Else it is pointless to know people and not hang/spend time w these possible friends.

3. Hall Camps: You will need to know your neighbors, people around you for they will be the one who can fill your night with activities. Cliques will have been formed. Dinners and Suppers as a group would be easier because everyone lives near each other.  

*You will need to have friends from the above two camps if you intend to skip this camp. Else it is pointless to have fun in Uni while living in Hall. It is RARE that you will catch your neighbours. Unless you are the kind who will knock on their door with housewarming gifts.*


As I mentioned how everyone expects magical happenings on the first week. YAY, everyone do get tutorials OFF. SO week one of just lectures AND the add/drop period where one gets to handle their timetable and ADD or DROP modules to their liking. (I have not done any changes to mine as it has been pre-assigned with sufficient modules.)

A) Finding Venues: The school is too huge and not very clearly labelled. Also, venues written on one’s timetable are not the clearest. It will be handy to use the Map via the School’s webpage.
B) Lunch hour crowd: 12.30pm
C) Long in-between breaks : A plus for students staying in hall to catch a wink or two
D) Catching-up with lessons online
E) Lecturers’ expectation of reading ahead before class commence
F) Foundation is really important. (You can catch yourself trying to recall Secondary/Poly work.)
G) Lecturers’ slang/accent
H) Competitive Environment: FACT- There already are students who recap lessons after their lessons
I) Lessons can end up till 9.30PM. DO consider living in hall.
J) The school is pretty much located: 10 minutes from Pioneer MRT
K) Shuttle buses: The frequency is high during peak hour/day time. However catching the wrong shuttle bus can prove to be fatal. (There are 4 types on campus.)
For example, I left JEM at 9PM, reached Pioneer at around 9.20PM, boarded the Wrong Shuttle Bus at 9.40PM (frequency is much lower at night and the bus drivers drive reallly reallllly slowly), Alighted at the North Spine at 10PM, Took the correct shuttle bus and reached my room at 1030PM. IN SUMMARY: 1.5 hours from JEM to Room. That’s a little crazy. I could have reached home earlier.

BUT, look at the plus side of waking up just one hour before lessons. With ample time to wash-up, have breakfast and strolling to class.
AND CCAs tend to start at night. One can walk from their room to the Sports Center in their sports attire, have their cca, then retreat to their room without carrying much.

It is 2.19AM and Friday.
It is the end of the week.

These are just based on what I felt during my first week of school.
It has its ups and downs in its own ways.
Week 2 will see more CCAs try-outs and possible Hall activities.
And, how easy would it be to make FRIENDS in classes?

Goodnight everyone.

P/S: Having a boyfriend in BMT keeps both parties occupied. One at school, one training hard. Feeling shag at the end of the day, but there to comfort each other. And then their weekend will feel more precious. I cannot wait for our book outs.