Pops out a happy post!

by limmie

Good day. It’s 2.11am and I need 28 more mins to carry my troop to victory. (first time I’m a useful gamer.)

So. These past weeks of no-hear from me, it’s a good thing!

A Sunday w the guys make me miss pre-NS us sooooooooooooo much.

And some movies w this poly fags made me wonder today, how would it be for us? We aren’t that a close group but. Hmm.

SO! I’ve gotten my new classy techy looking laptop! A proud investment! And guess who found it w me!

These past weeks have been feeling so precious and the need to appreciate every single moment of them is tooooooooooooo much. Next three (dreadful because of the time we will definitely spend apart, booooo) weeks will be I-dont-know-what-to-expect.

Have been forgoing lessons, I guess I will start catching up on them first! But the laptop is seriously a distraction. I’ve not watched my movies on it yet though! Excited still.

Hoping the start of uni will not mean a super busy Sherilyn.

Time balance with a first class degree. Ambitious ambitious!

Things I’ve planned out for school:
Morning runs around campus
Get a kickass CCA w ms Ong
Get another kickass CCA w Sining
Get my dream kickass CCA
And score likea clever asshole

No idea how active or enthu I would be for committee stuffs. SERIOUSLY I don’t have the feel for these already.

Things I’ve planned out for my weekends:
Family time
And I hope the asshole gets to book out.
Andddddd squeezing in time for the SMU economist and the two group of people! (I really miss ms foo’s presence sometimes)

Okay. Goodnight guys. So much happiness overflowing from today’s post right?

Waking up for a run tmr- I must!

I need more time w my Meimei too.
And more money to not feel likea burden to my parents.
And try to spend lesser.
Notes to self better work.


❤ <—- faggot for you if you still reads.