What to let go leh?

by limmie

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low.

That Let her go song was playing, both times when I plugged into the radio!

No not saying its a sign.
Trying to recall when I was last high. Happy high not the drink drank high.

And that probably was before internship period. Doing anything without worries or anything else on my head.

Feel so drained still. Even though its the holidays. Worrying about which uni to go to, worried about how graduation will be over, worrying about not having enough time.

okay, I poked myself.
Feels like Wo Zhang Da le, my childish highness antics are disappearing together with my energy.

Now I worry about how I would just sit in a corner because I’ve caught myself in an unwilling situation to talk to anyone.
Especially at work with people of my age. Yet I just don’t feel the need to talk and engage with them. The younger me probably would have.

Is this like some settling down feeling? Where I enjoy whatever I’m doing at this present time and do not wish for anything new to enter?

This is bad.
I hope Sunday will make me feel better and wiser.