My new partial leaf.

by limmie

So half a year past and I’m here to reflect again. Because 2013 will be gone pretty soon.


Q1. Have I been disappointed w myself?

No. Poly did ended well. I’m on a healthier track. My friends are of greater influence.

Yes. The healthy progress is slow. I still get sidetracked in my head. Some friends are fading away from my life and I let that happen.

Q2. Am I a suitable 19 year old turning into a 20 year old?

Yes. I’ve definitely been wiser and making decisive choices.

No. WHO AM I KIDDING. I still cannot firmly get things done easily. I’m still trying my best to be a family daughter.

Okay. One thing for sure, the fear of growing up is disappearing. I can embrace turning older (not old) because I reasoned w myself that Uni is something I should be looking forward to. Excited for a freedom-ful life soon. Maybea little for the working world to eat my moneh, big good moneyssss.

Q3. Am I a happier person?

Yes. Clouded thoughts do disappear after sometime. And very quickly after I cry it out. Really couldn’t control myself yesterday, soooooo I’m happier but weaker.

Easily satisfied. My life is starting to sound simple. Either the holidays is killing my brain cells to partehhhhh. Or it’s no longer on my radar.

Although I have to turn to dancing alone in my room with the loud music on the pretext of working out.

Time to wake upz! Good morning happy Saturday 😀