My WordPress has been found how is this even.

by limmie

Ms Ong’s post yesterday got me thinking suddenly during work break yesterday.

The thought of things in ten years. And then perhaps twenty. Would my parents till be there for me? Hah. Where and what would I be first?

All the camp flyers came yesterday. Who would have thought that 6 months later, I would still be in this same predicament?

Not me.
6 months ago me thought that 6 months later me would have a damn clear path ahead.

There’s so much pre-school shopping and preparations to be done.
Yet I’m hung on work- which is getting monotonous- and ..

Some random sight in the mrt got me thinking.
Parent reading while their curious kid yak and questions. Parents settling for quiet time between themselves.

And then last night with the same problems. F. The f just lingered there for a brief moment. My fingers just pressed them and I haz nothing to type.

Mind blank.
Secret mission day 3 has been going on well.
Having some GIRL TIME this weekend.
Boo. Happy times. Sad talks. Excited meetup. So much to catch up. And I’m all jumbled up again.