It doesn’t seem to be leading to the ‘happily ever after’ part ..

by limmie

The next seven months seems like the closing of this chapter.

It doesn’t feel like I have been cramming for my last two papers five months ago.
It doesn’t feel like I’ve been weeping over the stressful environment eight months ago.

YEAH. Ten months has passed since Australia.
And these past months has been nothing but longing. Longing for this period to never end. But this supposedly best period has been nothing but blue-er by day.

The endless thoughts of August arriving. What’s gonna happen to school. What’s gonna happen to us.

It’s getting tiring trying to work this holiday out. My endless list of things to be done simply just disappeared.

And not having anything to do just makes me moody.

My list of cafes to visit disappears w the absence of moolah.
My desire to pick up a sport dies w my lack of time due to the need of earning moneh.
The need to shed ten kilos just disappears w the slow or non existent result and progress.

I’m really honestly definitely feeling fitter. But the numbers prove me wrong.

With less than two months left, only the movie buff side of me is actually contented.

And currently there a teeny bit part of me that doesn’t want to quit my job anytime soon.

Why oh why oh why is life like this.

And then this jumpy optimistic side of me is screaming in my head, there still is time Ms Lim.

Meanwhile, goal for the week is simply trying to hit 7.5km in a running shot. Can you believe I did 19km last week?
I can’t either.

And hearing how fat I still look just kills me even more. Tried not hard enough Sherilyn. And perhaps my love for food is hindering my progress. But it’s foooooooood.

But all emotions I felt in primary school just comes up again. Fat Sherilyn.