There was this time. And. But. So.

by limmie

Are holidays a waste of time?

One makes all these big not-so gigantic list of things to do. Getting all excited. And then the holidays arrive.

And then they end up working. Else spending all the time on their computer slash games.

Guess I’m not a gamer person. But three hours on any game, including my fav of all time dash Sim3, I will later reflect on, did I just waste my time.

I could be our there doing …
EXACTLY! When the holidays arrive, you just can’t think of what you want to do.

Skating, cycling, swimming theme parks, all these cost money. Explains the part time job.

Then after is the vicious cycle of eat work sleep shag. Greed for more money, less time left.

Just two months left.

Each time I feel upset, I’ll think about What have I done that contributed to this-this happening.

Anyways! Traits I’ve found out about myself!

Coward tops the list. I cannot face up or explain for things that I know I have done wrongly.

I can be awfully stubborn to stubborn people.

There’s this side of me that occurring more, the unwillingness to speak up. I would rather much plug in and sing in my head.

The full of rubbish Sherilyn is really fading away. Because I hardly have anything intelligent to speak out. I have few interesting things that people can carry out a conversation with.

I’m outspoken in a childish manner. Communication skills of mine might have improved but in the wrong light.

And I was thinking about passing on the idea of studying SP. then I thought about how I can probably divert my career there in the later years. And then I think about how I can hardly communicate w kids too. Other than the smiles and pokes.

So what actually am I good in?
Dwelling in my problems and typing them out. Perhaps I should be an author then.