Sherilyn does no Step.

by limmie

There’s no end to the human thought. No end to the Sherilyn’s thought.

A few days back of thinking how August will be coming. I was glad we did talk about it. Somehow. Not much. But at least.

I’m just refusing to open my eyes to my certain future. Refusing to accept the Unis till closer to deadline. Refusing to think about meeting new people. Refusing to believe Ms foo is already enrolled in her new school without me as her classmate.

You see. Life goes on remarkably fast. As much as we may feel each day passes by so slowly.

One moment we were celebrating the end of internship. The next we were all looking for a job. And now. My hairs all nicely neated up. (HAHA This was meant to be a joke. It’s so flat. I like my bedhead nowadays. Messy.)

This post sounds like it is heading to the dark side.

This week of Iron man and Ubin felt so long ago. Even this morning breakfast felt like it was yesterday.

Boo. What is it that I want but I can’t say? Feels like it is my fault for wanting something.

How about in simple English, hmm. My craves cannot be satisfied 😦