Im gonna have an even longer nose than Pinocchio !

by limmie

These past three days of work. I picked up one thing. To not rush into everything I do.

I was packing toys at my last hour, and thinking to myself: if this was intern, I would have been sitting here trying to come up w a good explanation to how I’m doing productive or important work.

But no, packing only showed me how wasteful we can all be. Hope they recycle all those plastics and boxes.

Anyway! It IS my holiday still. I have to keep reminding myself this.
Part of me wants to go out and poke fun. Part of me just wants to stay at home and roll around. But all of me knows my need for work.

I’m thinking now, why think so much! Just go out and have whatever fun I want. But the two humongous restriction is stopping me.

So much time. So much I want to do. Yet I don’t have enough time.

What is this again Sherilyn!

(Still still STILL! everyday haz been quite the awesome. Because there’s this forever tired fag around. ) teehee!