Money>Love So much True Story. I am starting to accept this.

by limmie

i solemnly swear that i will be up to all good.

proper planning and career and money.

it is ridicoulous i cannot even spell it right now because of the constant shitbreaks at home. whenever i am home. and nowadays it is hardly. 

No kids if i dont ever have the money to.
I dont want my kids to suffer *with me* and *like me*.

And not treating my kids like *this*.

it never was my responsibilty. Our resposibility.

I cannot even spell it.

Physically everyone is at home. Mentally, no one is.

KO by 11pm last night. Work yesterday was draining. Home was drained.

This is pushing my so far so bluddy damn far to want to succeed and earn the biggest bucks ever. Storybook fairytale endings no more. Powerpuff girl is wrong. 

Money makes the world go round.

Disgust. Disgust with myself for trying hard. And then failing. And then it is my fault. And my entire post does not makes any linking sense.

It is called depending on no one but yourself. When the parents can no longer support you. Or no longer want to because you’re on your own. Because your spending habit is way too much for them. Because they whine about paying for your transport. Because they rage quit on your medicine. Because they push the resposibility around to each other. Because it is neither of their fault that right now we can no longer spend, as a family, as like how we used to. Because WE SIMPLY CANNOT accept this. Because.

The high level of dignity that refused to budge.

Why can’t we all eat the humble pie LIKE HOW YOU CAN ACT WHEN IN PUBLIC.
Fuck money.
Fuck all your responsibilities.

#BringItOn #TwoZero