Gamer geek girl that never happened. Wanting to learn a game but when there’s too much control, I just turn to my sitcoms.

by limmie

I noticed (yes I realize I’ve been noticing a lot , and realizing a lot. #limited vocab. What other words can I use?)
that females really cannot multitask well. Perhaps we are too lazy to do so.

One key key key example is unable to hold a conversation while texting. (I noticed it from Ms Ong last night and realized the same goes for me.) often having to ask others to, wait ah, I reply this and this person first. HAHA.

Second would of course be gaming. The interest dies when I have to game w the pub( FYI for females: public, strangers) And it takes a lot of energy to get through one game.

There are three ways for me to play.
1) Focus very hard and try not to get killed so as to not bring the kill:death ratio down.
2) Try very hard to attempt kills but this definitely means K:D will go down even more
3) When I am too tired and just heck, HAVE FUN JUST WHACK.

That’s why I can’t play 3 games in a row. It’s sucks up a lot of my energy, panicking where is my hero, why are my teammates doing this, which item looks pretty for me to buy, should I deny my tower or protect it, should I go after the first or the other enemy, how are my teammates doing, WHY IS MY MAP BLINKING.

After typing everything out. It suddenly seems like a very easy game.

Horrible. Leading my thoughts to Starcraft. Having to scout for the next base when you’ve just started on your first. Managing minions harvesting mineral and idk-what-other-resources and then trying to build all your towers and gathering an army and setting up the next base and controlling different groups of your army and then trying to strike all the enemy’s bases, I ONLY HAVE ONE MOUSE AND DESKTOP SCREEN.

I probably just need two to be the bestest gamer girl.

That’s just my dreaming.
But the game won’t allow such an extension.

SEE. THIS IS ME ON MY HANDPHONE TALKING. The social girl with conversations and a lot the talk about is dying as the day goes by.

I stare, you stare, there’s nothing to say, but so much in my head.
iPhone 100 Sherilyn 0