Perhaps three weeks of no swimming to come, clashy sad timings

by limmie

Weak Sherilyn Weak!
Sad only then cry.

Two months ago, I was whining of being too slack.
Right now, it’s too busy for everything. I wanna do this and that and go there and that and.

Pfft. Working this hard for the money.
It’s not even a 7 day work week yet my time can be spared nicely for everyone.

I hope this new job gives me flexible shifts too.
I really want that adventure cove next weekend.
And Monday w Ms Ong and our hair.
And working this job probably means burnt evenings, no swimming.

This actually feels sad.
All this adds up to my increasing sad value.
And of course spoilt plans tomorrow.
Not that we want it.. But, sad face right now.

Time spent with that fag can never be enough.