Why go Bangkok when Batam is just next door?

by limmie

Here I am. Eating cake. Chocolate cake and Kueh lapis. Feeling not so high like usual. I realise how I wake up each morning feeling pretty clouded, ruining my entire day. And when I try to perk myself up, it goes off after some time.

I need a goal to work towards to.
That is how I have been living my life.

So here we go.
I shall work for money at least thrice a week.
I get my fat ass moving at least once a week in the pool, and 4 times a week at home.
Both feet of mine are so screwed, as much as I have that running feel. It is irritating.
And then save for a pending BKK trip 🙂

A brief review of batam.
I really felt very tired the entire trip. Didnt get my night talks or games. And my roommate was equally dead like me. Sadly so…

Checking in and boarding went by pretty quick.
There we were, ten of us, pretty much gamed for the weekend.

The tour didnt really kill us for each station took just 30 minutes.
The paintball was a damper.
But the massage was goooood. (This coming from a first timer.) Found a couple of spots on me that seems to be hurting.
BUT SPOILER MASSAGE left us so oily and sticky we decided to check in instead of going to the mall.

The pool was smaalllllllllll. I am really glad I went with this entire group.
We went to Batam, To eat KFC for dinner. HAHA. Definitely cannot compare to ours, just saying!

I didnt take much pictures. Boo.

The night of watching movies all together was comforting.
No booze, I actually survived a trip without booze. This adds on to my Three months streak.
(I remembered the last time was w Ms Koh at dinner, not NYE. Oh well.)



The Go Kart that made me realise, damn I am a Mechainical Engineer, I should be able to fix these machines up!
FYI, YC and Ben donned on Angry Bird helmets. Their head looked extra small, maybe not in this pictures. Oh wells.


This was Day 1’s lunch. I actually was here a couple of ten years back for Choir in Sec 3 eh! When I was first introduced to Gonggong the snails. Lunch was AHHH SO LITTLE FOOD FOR TEN OF US HUNGRY SOULS. And the coconut drink, MEGA HUGE, but a test of luck. Nope, didn’t get a really sweet one! BOO.


Our Pretty spacious room! Nope, didn’t manage to get the connecting ones. Nope, not all of us managed to get such big~ rooms. The hotel was MEH. There were two jaccuzzi pools (minus the bubbling) and a steam room and a charcoal room and yeah, that was how we spent our next morning. Memorable at least!


On the first night, I stayed in w Lincoln and Weiwen. Mummy and Daddy said no wandering about at night, I listened. HAHAHA. Didn’t take long before them guys came back. BUT, forever hungry Lincoln and Me had to room service first.


TADAH. This was what we ordered. Note Lincoln, HURRY LETS EAT face.


Avocado chicken salad and his asparagus crabstick soup.
The ‘LIAO’ was abundle! Loads of chicken and avocado, are veggies here more expensive?
The sauce, seemingly Mayo, was NOT COLD and the cold onions gave me tummyache for the entire night.

The soup was super thick, good for Lincoln, there was hardly any asparagus inside.


Good Morning YC! This funny guy was so tired he didnt even felt us drawing.
And breakfast in the hotel for the two mornings were – hmm- soso.
Sunday morning was packed crowded, madly.
The queue for eggs, boo. Note to remember to travel on weekdays!!



This was us collecting the cake. No knife, no candles, just provided with a box.
After spending the previous evening trying very hard to communicate with the shop to order a cake.


The horror of collecting cakes.  The road can kill my screaming cells. I risked my life for the Ms Foo Cake!!!


*Taken from her IG* Mwahaha, the cake was worth it.
A little dry initially but, oh well, the cream made up for it. (Fat die us all)

Ben got this cute doggy for his sister!
I was too broke to get anything, except the shirt. 10 shirts for 50%, all of us got it! Looks quite cool when we all wear it together LEH. (Sorry Weiwen!)

Super broke trip, didnt change enough money. Assumed 100 bucks would be enough. BOO my second night dinner was sad face. Boo I ‘hai dao’ Ben to change not enough money too.



Yes, more about my hair later on.


Hoho, the burger quite, SUCK. But the waffles and the float, not the bad! (Still not a fan of Root Beer) LOOKS NICER than it taste. Kind of, The chocolate tasted weird. Overall, just not bad. (YES I AM LAZY DESCRIBE MY MEAL)IMG_1235

Today’s Promo: Buy 1 Free 1 Tix. (I wonder if it was just a ‘Today’s” promo.)
Three buxks for 7 mins of 5 D. HAHA, of all shows we chose, Aeroplanes. (Still have not phased out from our Aerospace world.)

I sat cross-legged during the movie.(If it can be considered to be a movie.) and didnt enjoy the entire 5D movie. Turns out there was a part where everyone got whipped on the legs. Lucky me perhaps!


And this is the way to play w fire in the room. The night before they were burning potato chips. while I slept.
Boo hoo. Too short a trip….!



Precious polaroids. I can really flip through and stare at them, wondering how on this earth did we all end up as friends. Didn’t think that we could end up getting along despite being in different classes. I would remember these three days very super well. Although I spent alot of my time feeling very tired. And sad. WHY O WHY Did i not bring enough money and … IMG_1258

Nah, Lincoln Boss did his best to give me the high flying mohawk fringe that I wanted.


This was pretty me with somewhat pretty hair.


Who wanted this hair to look preetier like Hayden.


And behold my new pretty hair.


That was pretty hair me for one day.

And right now it’s just like this. Sad face initially. Feels so short and airy behind and HUHHHHHHHH, felt likean aunty really.
So I looked at it in a different light.

1. It is way easier to wash it many times a day.
2. I look more cheery because my cheeks are somewhat more exposed.
3. I look in the mirror and smile because I have to smile more to look better with this hair.
4. With a red ribbon on my head, I can look bouncy like Snow White.

Woohoo, not a bad haircut afterall…. Right? 😀


Really snuggly Ben’s dog. I wished I had the extra money to get myself an Ernie and Bernie!

IMG_1237Teehee. Us getting locked outside our rooms.

Really had a good time. But they were not maximised!!
Hopefully we do get another trip soon.

Before all the enlistments and start of terms.
Sounds like there are some time.
Looks like I will earn them money.

Till then,

Dear Ben Winston Darrell Weiwen Lincoln Jackson Yongfeng Yingcong Xiyuan

You guys are my most awesomest bunch of poly fags. I hate that time have to pass by so fast. But, I totally believe that there will be no end to our friendship.

No lies or trolls,
Sherilyn ❤