Kindness is not expecting anything in return. What is there to feel bad enough when you know your stuffs well and have already done your best? #nononoiamreallyfeelinggoodrightnow #iwillnotsayComeAtMe

by limmie

Feeling on a roll right now.
All those I-wish-I-was-a-kid-again tweets. I have no wish for that already. It’s nice to think back. I loved-and-love what I had gone through. It’s nice to miss all those things.

But I have accepted this.
And acknowledge the fact that I’m a nineteen year old. It is time to look forward and not go backward. Why have I been stopping myself from being a wiser person?

Just two weeks of work.
And I bawled immediately when I reached home.
Not being able to accept that no matter how nice I be, it wasn’t accepted.
I took a really wide picture of my behavior and expectance today.
Mum and dad took the time to thrash w me.

This Sherilyn needs to toughen up if she wants to survive in this working world.

I took ‘being said’ in my strike.
And also took into consideration about this friend’s words.

All that mattered was I did my best.
And when it didn’t seem to matter, I did what I was supposed to do.

I was surprised w my own guts of saying, no I can’t work tomorrow. It is a minor thing, but I used to take a long time trying to find the right words.

These past two days, I actually did get to ‘talk back’. Not a Sherilyn Style to people I don’t know.

I will not be seen as THAT GOODY TWO SHOES GIRL, but rather the girl who stood for herself. (With my own shoes .)

I tried.

PS: I will shoutout to this reader who i am glad takes the time to read and then more time to congrats me, Jiayou Ms Ong. Please finish your work tonight. I need you tomorrow eh!

And everyone else out there, a quote from Ms Lee, STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY!