Engineer or Engineer?

by limmie

Because the author is having so much free time. She has too much time to think. And when this happens, she over think and over kill her thoughts. Three letters in one day. She cannot believe this. But her happiness is being overshadowed.

Too much Sherilyn! Contented w NTU, but SIT has two pros over. And then missing the money for Sydney.

If the scholarships doesn’t come by end May, the decision will be made.

Seven hours of sleep.
Come on Friday!

I will celebrate my Happy Siblings Day, and then think thoroughly about life next.

It’s not my first choice course, but my first choice school. ~

As much as the parents are proud of me already, I can feel that they knew I could have done better.
Two tix to graduation and already a fuss. I’m a spoilt daughter. I will do better w this degree-to-be. I will!

Yes. I ended up w one scoop of ice cream. Shame on me. Rest day isn’t cheat day.

One last thing.
Congrats Chew Waki!
Happy for you!

Hope to hear from Eden and Ms Ong who should be back soon.

Ms Lim, why tou tong over this?
There’s this bugging feeling of What Am I Doing doing engineering?