Lim Sherilyn, reporting for duty!

by limmie

First there’s anticipation.
Then there’s joy.
Then it’s realization.
Why does dread comes into this picture?

I’ve been waiting for my letter-Note just ONE. But the not so exciting ones came first. And when finally they came today.

Yeap. I was happy. But not very so because this letters were what I had been expecting.

But then again there was no total confidence and I wasn’t sure I was getting them- but I knew I would get them. What am I saying?

Back to my point where I now realize that this means I am starting school in four months. And also ALONE. I know it doesn’t mean much when it is being read like this, but damn, not gonna be studying w my friends.

So that’s the dreadful part.

But then again, this is life.
I’m excited.
With whichever choices I make.
Thank you everyone who have been cheering me on, or even prayed for and with me.

I’m just really thankful to have been heard.

This has been another contradicting post.

🙂 but at least my next phase of life is a little more clearer!