by limmie

It is time to start treating this likea blog.
This weekend has been extra tiring. But pewpew. I liked it. Add one more to tomorrow!

Guess I’ve been slugging so much at home that I’ve been lazy to go out!

Dinner yesterday w a movie. That felt nice at the end of the day. Movie outing not so goodz. We need zichar and talks and a good round table! Miss them guys quite much! Especially when Whatsapp was once so noisy..

Ms Lim and Ms Lim had a good time today! Ended up not shopping (hooray… Not) but doing our nails instead. (Hooray I’m really spending and spending and spending! Boo.)

Oh well! So much things to do.. But guess what’s in the wayzzz!

Happy Saturday everyone!
(When is my job starting!! Whennnnnn!)
Imagine working w them two. Weird but I guess it might be fun fun fun. Teehee.

And yes! Honing my gaming skills while I still have the time. I will do it!


I just had to hash tag. Heehee.