Old young girl.

by limmie

Woke up at seven w one horrible ache. Thought it was like normal, putting a pillow behind and waking up to -everything will be alright.

Got up even worse. Worst than ever.
There goes my Friday ball and swim plan.

The mad rush for breakfast. And to send the niece home. (Tried my best to make it the best time spent w her.) and then to a doctor.

Turns out it was overstrained. Guessing it was collective over the weeks.

Spent my whole day getting in and out of sleep. Subconsciously hearing about mum’s lost boxes.

Feeling bad enough that money’s tight and here I am, spending more on an unnecessary injury. And her lost boxes worth 500+ bucks due to our mad rush.

Arhghghhhhhhh. So I just slept everything away.

Wednesday interview was bad. I got my results. Actually closed a door for me and got me a step clearer. Probably have a very not-good impression.

Not in the mood for anything. Even turning my com on to watch my himym is a chore. What is wrong w my body?

Young as hell.
I had a tumour dream this morning too. Probably that scared the shit out of me.
Bad timing Friday.
Appreciate Jeru’s help w job search.
And even more w concern from Ben.
And mum worrying so much that she was on the verge of getting me to the hospital while panicking about her lost items.
Dad’s putting me on a one-week break. My back really does feel like it can break.

Attempts to puke the vomit-feel out has been mildly successful. And the stomachache is just horrible when it happens.

What kind of overstraining is this.